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We did not realize all the things that were involved in getting a new roof. Thanks to RLamar Roofing, we got the best deal and the work they did was great! We will definitely recommend RLamar Roofing to our friends and family. They are trustworthy, professional, and the work was done fast.

– Reed M

We just had our roof replaced and we hardly had to lift a finger to get it done right. RLamar Roofing took care of dealing with the insurance company and the adjuster to get us the best deal. Thank you RLamar Roofing!

– Harold H

RLamar Roofing was awesome! They were there when the adjuster came to make sure they gave us the proper report. They also worked with our insurance company on our behalf. The work was done professionally and done well.

– Kevin C

Thank you RLamar Roofing for making the whole roofing process smooth and carefree. Our roof is great and with your help, our roof was completed quickly and hassle free.

– David P

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